Java as first programming language?

I was reading this article “How To Become A Hacker” in net, there is a link related to “The Pitfalls of Java as a First Programming Language” and few questions arose in my mind after going through the article.

Is java should really be used by novice learner for learning programming language? How much will they learn, how much skills they will gain etc? This article is more likely the counter argument for the argument raised by some professors questioning the Java as first programming language for freshmen. When I’m referring article, I’m talking about java. If you are interested in the article itself, I have provided the link at bottom. After going through article, I felt professors arguments are correct up to some length like ‘Novice nowadays don’t have skills, that they had when C/C++ were at prime’, but I ended up supporting counter arguments. What I want to say is : It’s not ‘JAVA’ fault if someone is lacking some skills (low level programming and formal methods). A person’s fault can’t be pointed to other, not to Java (by no ways). If I don’t know something (say I have forgotten C/C++ and specially pointers, memory management), it’s me at fault. C/C++ taught us many aspect of programming and we were grateful. But those don’t support our current needs. ‘C’ is structural based and even ‘C++’ is OOP, it was far from best. It had flaws, that were unsuited for 21st century requirements.

As myself being a programmer, I use java mostly than any other. It can closely relate my interest to some working program. Whenever there’s idea in head, I write it down and start to code. First, do some rough sketching, a visible prototype with simple UI’s and what it suppose to do pseudo-codes. All this is made easy by Java. Java inherits it’s OOP concept mostly from ‘C++’ and syntax from ‘python’. So, it has been mostly smooth transition from ‘C++’ to ‘Java’ for programmers.

Many critics blame java for spoiling habit of programmers. Huh… what? Java is good. Java is clean, manageable, nicely designed and importantly it is object orientated. In this imperfect world, nothing is perfect, not even java. But it’s java strength that matters, which we use and talk about. Java have been around with us for sometime. It is better than many other languages due to it’s vast library, support and cross platform ability. It never hurts to explore, learn more and find new aspects. Our mindset should be open, welcoming to various techs. I suggest you to go through the article itself.

the pitfalls of java as a first programming language : a response

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