Failed to load JavaHL Library

“Failed to load JavaHL Library …” : a popup error message which, whenever I see makes me say “che”. Not really annoying but just enough to make you glare at computer screen. Earlier, whenever I had this popup message, all I did was click ok and continued. ‘Ahh.. solved the problem for this session’. How foolish, forgot the google. Cud have found atleast one solution and rest in ease for all session.

Well, I did found a one good solution (after countless ‘ok’ clicks), which if you want to know in details, then go here. The page content will explain what is ‘JavaHL’ , why do you get it in first place and how to fix the issue across different platforms. I haven’t faced this popup error on window platform but it’s common in linux (tried couple of distro, installed eclipse with subclipse plugin and got popup in each one).

What is JavaHL?
JavaHL is a library that enables Subclipse to use Subversion api. Specifically, it is the Java language binding for the Subversion API.

How to Fix it?
Install a package named libsvn-java from repository and tell JVM where to look for it.

$sudo apt-get install libsvn-java

Now, the important part is to specify the location of the JavaHL library for JVM to find. Usually, the path is ‘/usr/lib/jni’ or ‘/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/jni’ (on newer distro). Add JavaHL path in a new line to eclipse.ini after ‘-vmargs’.


Save the eclipse.ini and start the IDE, the popup will be gone.
But, if you couldn’t find the JavaHL library location, try using

$sudo find / -name jni

to get the location.

Update: You can also fix this issue like stated here

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