3days without email

3 days, yeah 3 long days, 72 hrs ,that’s the time I haven’t been able to properly access my hotmail account. At first day, I thought it was technical problem and homail will fix it. I can login, but the inbox was a mess. A real mess. Only text, that also left align of window and link isn’t working. How can I check all of my e-mail in inbox if the inbox link is not working.
All I could do is just count the number of mail that has stack up in my inbox.
But today what I found is that, my hotmail account is working fine in my home, I wondered why is it not working in workplace? My guess is there must be network problem, which is interfering and making the mess. Gotta talk this issue with my network admin and solve it. Could it be due to trouble in router or bandwidth usage quota?

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