What’s Hacking?

From the day I heard word “Computer” I was fascinated by it’s essence. I was just kid, 12-13 yrs old and I was very much influenced by the mystic world of computers. I used to wonder what computer could do and how? Later, I came to know there exists a group of computer geek people who are called hackers. The meaning that I understood then was “Bad people”. Yeah, seriously, for me ‘hacker = bad people’, were bad like villains shown in Bollywood movies, who are always after gals (I mean herione) . Uff, I survived that. High scaled drama, total mix to max and brain wash. But, I have to admit, even though knowing they are bad guys with baddest intentions, I was curious to know where about them.

As, I’m writing this post, I’m reading another blogs about hackers, article that tells about them (history) and guides that guide (limited) me to understand the phenomenon itself. The thirst to understand the true meaning of hacker still remains. I do understand it better but not to fullest.

So, let’s discuss what hackers are and what hacking process is?

Sit tight, don’t go anywhere, even if this is not the best post about hackers. I guarantee, it not to be the worst.

My first question related with the peoples -“What do you think hackers are?”. Now, the answer you give will define lots. If you think they are good people like you then I might have to type less explaining less about hackers. You know better than me. Great man.

Let’s start like this “Hackers aren’t bad people! It’s our understanding about them is wrong. Don’t worry, they are normal, they are human & they are good people like you. They won’t kill your PC with the press of enter from their keyword nor your PC will be swarmed by deadly killer Virus and sneaky Trojans”. All those words to make you understand, that they are really good people, hard working, intellect and genius. I would call them “The computer experts”.

So, now question arises then why hackers are regarded as bad people?

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