Code def.

As a programmer do you know what code is? While I was reading a book about python I found out something that I should share.

As an example, here’s the definition of the noun “code” from the Jargon File:
“The stuff that software writers write, either in source form or after translation by a compiler or assembler.
Often used in opposition to ‘data,’ which is the stuff that code operates on. Among hackers this is a mass
noun, as in ‘How much code does it take to do a “bubble sort”?’ or ‘The code is loaded at the high end of
RAM.’ Among scientific programmers, it is sometimes a count noun equivalent to ‘program;’ thus they may
speak of ‘codes’ in the plural. Anyone referring to software as ‘the software codes’ is probably a ‘newbie’
or a ‘suit’.”

For comparison’s sake, here’s the definition of the verb “code”:
“To write code. In this sense, always refers to source code rather than compiled. ‘I coded an Emacs clone
in two hours!’ This verb is a bit of a cultural marker associated with the Unix and minicomputer traditions
(and lately Linux); people within that culture prefer v. ‘code’ to v. ‘program,’ whereas outside it, the reverse
is normally true.”
The noun “program” is defined as being:
• “A magic spell cast over a computer allowing it to turn one’s input into error
• “An exercise in experimental epistemology”
• “A form of art, ostensibly intended for the instruction of computers, which is
nevertheless almost inevitably a failure if other programmers can’t understand it”

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